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Camper Van Candle Silicone Mold

Camper Van Candle Silicone Mold

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We will not start selling any new designs until we test and make sure the mold works well, so any problem, we always get a solution.

We do not process refunds for the following reason, please do not purchase if you mind, thank you.

1.Hard to demould(so different of each person's experience,Please refer to the linked video to determine whether it is possible for you to demould.)

2.softer mold that can't stand on its own/be out of shape when casting.(just put something support around the mold.)

3.Any slight imperfections that can be easily removed by sanding, such as 3D printing marks, bubble ect.

4.for those mold designs come with cut already, leave a join marks on the finished product is normal.

Disclaimer(s) on Handmade Mold:

��As the molds are all individually handmade, some molds that with special detail design may have slight imperfections hidden away somewhere,may have some air bubbles on the surface of the molds. It is inevitable, all natural, but it can be removed by sanding.

��Some molds which designs are softer, when the mold can't stand on its own/be out of shape, just put something support around the mold.please feel free to message us, we are happy to get you some tips.

��Some Molds which designs are harder, that Demoulding will be a bit challenging but possible with practice.(There is no cut/split on the mould and was made that way to get away with join mark.if your don't mind join mark, you can cut one side of the mold by yourself, we have reserved a slice position for the mold, just be careful not to cut till the mold bottom.feel free to message us get tips)

��The size is measured by hand, there will be 1-2cm errors.

��Selling Mold Only, the candle/concrete ect.finished product pieces are not included.

��Our silicone mold can be worked with Jesmonite/Cement/epoxy resin/concrete/plaster/candle/soap etc. material perfectly.also could contact us to confirm whether if worked for your material~

��We do support customizing your own mold/wholesale order/drop shipping, for more information, you could contact us by leaving a message.We will get back to you in 24 hours.

Tool for handmade gifts for her/him

Silicone molds cleaning and maintenance:

1. Before the first use, it can be cleaned with hot water to remove surface dust.

2. After each use, it can be soaked in hot water or diluted detergent for 10-30 minutes.then pls dry it and put it in the storage box.

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